Tomsk State University
Country Russia

City Tomsk

The National Research Tomsk State University, founded in 1878 by Alexander II as the Imperial Siberian University, from the first day of its existence was called upon to affirm the ideals of science, education and culture in the vast territory of the Asian part of the country.



The most important priority of the university is the desire to educate a free and broad-minded creative personality, capable of independent scientific and philosophical decisions. While remaining faithful to the traditions of its predecessors, the university team is actively developing modern approaches and methods in all areas of activity, strengthening its status in the Russian and international scientific and educational space.

Institute of Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Agriculture and Forestry


Institute of Military Education


Military Training Center


Institute of Arts and Culture


Institute of Economics and Management


Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


Law Institute


Faculty of Geology and Geography


Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics


Faculty of Radiophysics


Faculty of Journalism


Faculty of Foreign Languages


Faculty of Innovative Technologies


Faculty of Historical and Political Sciences


Psychology faculty


Faculty of Physical Education


Physics and Technology Faculty


Faculty of Physics


Faculty of Philology


Faculty of Philosophy


Chemical faculty


Faculty of Pre-University Training


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