Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Country Turkey

City Çanakkale

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is a Turkish public research university located in Çanakkale (Dardannelles) province (near Gallipoli) and its surrounding towns. It is a member of the Balkan Universities Network, The European University Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU) and hosted the World Universities Congress 2010

The ÇOMÜ was founded in 1992 based upon the Faculty of Education on the Anafartalar Campus by the Turkish Parliament law. Before this the facilities had housed a teacher training institute that was a branch of Trakya University. The first rector of the University was Prof. Dr. Mete Tuncoku.


With its new status and intake from Turkey's large youth population, the university developed quickly in terms of the number of students, staff and facilities, spurring the opening of new faculties and colleges.

Biga Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technologies

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Communication

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Chanakkale

Faculty of Architecture and Design

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