Jagellonian University
Country Poland

City Krakow

Minimum requirements: For Master's degree - IELTS 6  

Bachelor - IELTS 5.5

"Jagellonian University is one of the best universities in Poland. It also ranks highly in European ratings and is currently one of the two Polish universities included in the Shanhai rating, which compares the best universities in the world.

Krakow is a friendly city for students, and its administrators carry out many activities aimed at creating the necessary conditions for the search for young students. The needs of students are taken into account when planning buses and trams. Students are an important social group in Krakow, which accounts for more than 20 percent of the city's population."

European Research: European politics and society

Global and Development Research

International relations and regional studies

International relations and regional studies: international security, politics and culture, regional studies / international security, politics and culture,

Studies in central and Eastern Europe: history, culture and society

Scholarship conditions IELTS 6.5

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